NOT Training but Life Skills

All creatures on this earth need to learn life skills to be able to survive and thrive in the world as they come into adulthood and beyond. Learning in life never stops and there are always more challenges out there to experience. We wouldn’t just take our children to Nursery school and then keep them at home feeling that their learning was achieved for their lifetime, we have many levels of schooling, outside learning, work lives and extra curricular activities.

The dogs in our lives also need to access these things on their individual need level. Puppies are still being sold from 8 weeks of age just as they are weaning and exploring their world and learning from their parents – they often don’t get the natural canine training from their birth parents and look to us to help them learn and practice those important skills and develop non canine skills for navigating life in our human world.

Getting some expert advice BEFORE you bring a puppy home is the most important thing you can do, it gives you advice on breeds that may be right for you – energy levels, grooming needs, what you are looking for in a dog etc. These are all things that need to be considered before you decide on a puppy to bring into the family.

Petite Paws offers a comprehensive course to be taken BEFORE you bring them home so your prepared in those all important few months. Covering…..

  • How to find the right puppy for you
  • How to help them integrate into your family and home with sensitivity and understanding- how to give them what they need to become confident
  • How to give them what they need to become confident, happy and healthy adult DOGS
  • How to teach them natural canine coping skills & basic life skills they can understand and use and for you how to communicate with your dog.

When your puppy is older and ready for their next stage of learning Petite Paws offer sessions for parents of all breeds. Examples cover helping you to teach your dog how to walk comfortably on lead – their first important life skill for living in a human world. Practicing ways to communicate with your dog so you understand one another, how to avoid unwanted behaviours developing in your new pooch and fun ways to bond and build confidence in your dog. Come and use our interactive room and scent garden to help build confidence with new sounds, sights, places and scents. If you have a small dog book them into one of our puppy socialising days at the Daycare.


Please check out our rate for Training package


With time and understanding your and your furry friend will be enjoying long happy and harmonious walks together.


Dogs have a very stressful time trying to negotiate our human demands and the way we live our lives. If you help them to reduce stress, learn what they need to feel calm & fulfilled and try to better understand them you can

  • help a dog heal
  • help a dog grow
  • help your relationship move to the place you want it to go                                                                                                    its only you the caretaker that can harm or help so lets take this journey together in making a positive change in your dogs life whether they are an adult dog or a new rescue pet.

Getting a good start with your puppy is the first important step – it is MUCH easier to prevent issues such as nuisance barking and pulling on the leash than try to get them to unlearn the habit later in life.


Foolproof the first steps of bringing your new furbaby into the home. From choosing the right breed, where to go to get them and how to make them feel safe in those first weeks. Be informed , prepared and enjoy !