Dogs have a very stressful time trying to negotiate our human demands and the way we live our lives. If you help them to reduce stress, learn what they need to feel calm & fulfilled and try to better understand them you can

  • help a dog heal
  • help a dog grow
  • help your relationship move to the place you want it to go                                                                                                    its only you the caretaker that can harm or help so lets take this journey together in making a positive change in your dogs life whether they are an adult dog or a new rescue pet.

Getting a good start with your puppy is the first important step – it is MUCH easier to prevent issues such as nuisance barking and pulling on the leash than try to get them to unlearn the habit later in life.


Foolproof the first steps of bringing your new furbaby into the home. From choosing the right breed, where to go to get them and how to make them feel safe in those first weeks. Be informed , prepared and enjoy !


With time and understanding your and your furry friend will be enjoying long happy and harmonious walks together.