How do I choose where my pets go on holiday?

Pets at Christmas – can’t wait to go on holiday but what to do with your pets?

There are many choices pet sitting, house sitting, home stays, boarding facilities, friends and family, doggy daycare.

Here are a few tips

Always ask to inspect the home or facilities before you book and pay.

All reputable establishments will allow you to come and visit to see where your pets will be sleeping, exercising etc. Ask lots of questions about how their day will be, feeding times, food, how many to a pen or play area, how many staff and their experience, is there someone there at night etc

If you connect with the person and the way they run their establishment then you won’t worry while your away – if you don’t go and see somewhere else

Note as these visits take up time and can disturb the animals already staying there you will usually need to book an appointment